Originally from Zwalm (Flemish Ardennes) and living since the new millennium at the Ostend coastline in Belgium. When I was eight years old I received my first movie camera. This was my craft, as I recorded everything that I saw – The Daily Life –. On that moment, I felt I wanted to become a filmmaker.

During secondary school, I studied sculpture at Sint-Lucas in Ghent. There I learned to look beyond the things, beyond the figures that you see. With this inspiration I graduated at the RITS Movie Institute (Brussels), receiving my Master in ‘television’.

During my Bachelor education I got in contact with the Artistic Centre Vrijstaat O. in Ostend. After capturing their ‘Mars op Oostende’ procession (2011) I became their house cineaste and registered some projects like: ‘Dansand’ (2012), ‘De Zeekaravaan’ (2012 & 2013), ‘STORM!’ (2013) and ‘Expedition Dansand!’ (2014).

After my Master degree, I decided to tell a poignant story about the Palestinian youth. As such, I performed four months of field research in Palestine to conduct my first own production ‘Upside Down’. This documentary was premiered on October 19, 2013 in Vrijstaat O.

After my adventure in Palestine, I record a twelve headed saxophone band, European Saxophone Ensemble, touring around in Europe. This documentary was finished in October 2013, picturing the rehearsals, gigs and the group atmosphere.

Next to my job I volunteered at BMLIK-O (Beweging voor Mensen met een Laag Inkomen en Kinderen Oostende) where I created together with Griet Inghelbrecht and Lien Libin a side project, a photo workshop, for indigent people. Currently, these workshop participants are capturing their environment with a disposable camera of there environment. In June 2015 their work will be exhibited in the De Grote Post Cultural Centre in Ostend.

(last update August 2013)


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